What is NeuroMovement®?

The Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® is a cutting-edge, movement-based learning system for children and adults of all ages to move beyond pain and limitation.

ABM understands that movement is the language of the brain. Utilizing gentle movement lessons to communicate directly with the Central Nervous System, NeuroMovement supplies information the brain requires in order to organize, change and LEARN!

What is Brain Plasticity?

Brain Plasticity refers to the brain’s (and neural system’s) ability to change structurally and functionally in response to experience. ABM movement lessons stimulate plasticity by boosting the brain’s capacity to generate new neural connections, pathways and patterns.

Essentially, Neuromovement purposely supplies information for the brain to differentiate, process and organize, leading to increased complexity, refinement and improvement of brain function.

What are ABM Lessons?

ABM Lessons are guided movement explorations designed to wake up the brain and create favorable new neurological connections and pathways. In turn, this new neurology will yield new experiences of movement, thought, feeling, comfort and ease.

A Lesson can be tailored to help a tennis player improve their footwork or to serve with more power and accuracy. Sessions can be customized to teach a special child to swallow or to lift her/his head. Re-learning effective everyday living skills such as rising with ease from a seated position or to roll over in bed are examples of ABM Lessons that would be valued by someone wishing to age gracefully and dynamically!

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