Help for Special Children

Anyone who loves a child with special needs wants to help that child grow and develop past their present limitations. As an ABM Movement Teacher I have learned that NeuroMovement’s gentle, innovative approach can access practically any child’s ability to learn, no matter the developmental issue.

My lessons will not focus on your child’s limitations; my interest is in opening lines of neural communication. Keep in mind, ABM is premised on the understanding that movement is the language of the brain. Unfortunately, any number of traumas or developmental issues may interrupt the conversation between a special child’s brain and the surrounding world.

On the bright side, its been demonstrated time and again that ABM’s gentle movement sequences are able to reestablish the communication link and restore the flow of information to the brain!

Can ABM Help YOUR Special Child

Every child is unique and different …EVERY child’s future depends on their ability to learn. Your child may face special challenges, however it is important to understand that the processes which lead to successful learning and development in the brain of a typical child are the exact same processes that need to occur - and will occur - in the brain of a child with special needs.

ABM Movement Lessons create the most favorable conditions for learning to occur - for EVERY child. There is generally always potential for your child’s brain to differentiate, integrate, and form better-organized patterns of movement, thought, feeling, and emotion.

Neuromovement has been shown to benefit children suffering with diverse challenges, including: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Sensory Integrative Dysfunction, Cerebellar Atrophy, Scoliosis, Stroke, Macrocephaly, Hydrocephaly, and other conditions, diagnosed or of unspecified causes.

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